John 13:34 – As I have loved you, so you must love one another


Many years ago, as a young Christian, I was at work one day and I found myself becoming increasingly agitated with all the thoughts running through my mind.

What did the Lord want me to do?

Did He want me to go out evangelizing in the streets?

Did He want me to go to bible college, or start a home group?

Many other thoughts like these passed through my mind.

In the end I went out back to a quiet place in the store room and called out to the Lord. “What do you want me to do?”

And He said, “I want you to show people how much I love them!”

I was overjoyed, not by what He’d said, but because He’d spoken to me. I just felt full of peace and returned to my work station.

Later on however, I began to consider what He had said and I questioned Him, “Lord, I thought you wanted me to show people my love for them?”

The Lord said, “No, I want you to show people how much I love them!”

Again I questioned Him, “But Lord, you know what I mean, I thought you wanted me to show people how much I can love them with your help?”

“No!” He answered, and for the third time He told me, “I want you to show people how much I love them!”

To be told the same thing three times suggests that it’s a really important distinction.

To be righteous means — To be right in Gods eyes, and yet,

“All of a mans righteousness is as filthy rags in the sight of God”.    Isaiah 64 vs 6

It is not just the worst we do that is rejected as having any value in the kingdom of God, but the best also.

“Everything a man aspires to in life, stems from the envy of his neighbour”.   Ecclesiastes 4 vs 4

Therefore, what fallen man calls love is just a glorified lust, ( glorified by man that is ).

Fallen man kills for this lust — But Christ died for love.

The very highest things that fallen man accomplishes in life fall short. He is a miserable failure, and is incapable of doing anything godly.

As the apostle said, “I know that in me apart from God dwelleth no good thing.    Romans 7 vs 18

How then can such a person show Gods love?

Quite simply—They cannot.

God didn’t send Jesus to patch up the old man, but to create, in Himself, a brand new person. Fashioned in His own image and likeness. A new creation—A hitherto unknown species, alien to this world and its principles.  A child of God.

The only thing the old man is good for, is a funeral service.

I must abandon all pretence and humbly embrace Gods rightful rejection of the old man. Only by dying to self can I walk in newness of life and show people how much Jesus loves them.

Thereby fulfilling His purpose for me.

Blessings John

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