Bible Study

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Come and join us for Bible Study every Wednesday night at 7PM. All are welcome. You don’t have to be a member of the church, all you need is a desire to explore and learn from God’s word in good fellowship.

The Parables of Jesus

Did you know Jesus loved to teach his followers by telling them short stories? These stories are called parables. In our Bible Study we explore the rich wisdom and grace contained in Jesus’ parables. Join us as we journey through these wonderful stories to learn about the Kingdom of God from the Master Storyteller Himself; the Lord Jesus.

This Bible Study is inspired by the work of Dr. Craig Blomberg, a Distinguished Professor of New Testament at Denver Seminary. For those who would like to do a self-study on the Parables in addition to our Bible Study, just follow this link to the free Denver University online course entitled “Unlocking the Parables of Jesus”

Future Bible Studies

Here are some future Bible Study courses we are planning, please email us to let us know which ones you are interested in, or even to suggest some new topics we haven’t considered here.

New Testament Review: Travel through the New Testament book by book. Explore the cultural setting of the New Testament authors in the first century. Learn how to identify different literary genres and how they could help us to more fully understand the purpose and meaning of God’s Word in the New Testament.

Old Testament Review: The Old Testament tells us of God’s wonderful role as Creator, the fall of mankind and God’s plan and actions throughout history to bring about His ultimate redemption. Join us as we examine God’s story all the way from Genesis to Malachi to discover and understand God’s unique purpose and message contained in each book of the Old Testament.

Christian Apologetics: Do you have any unresolved questions about the reasons why we believe what we do as Christians? Do you understand why Christianity is the only true religion? Are there any good arguments for the existence of God? Why should we trust the Bible? This Bible Study aims at answering these and any other questions about the reliability of the Christian faith.

Christian Doctrine: You know Jesus is your Saviour and that you are a Christian, but what are our core Christian beliefs and why do we believe them? What is the Trinity and why is it important? What is meant by the fallenness of mankind? How are we saved? What is the role and nature of the Church? And what about the doctrine of the end times? This Bible study will examine the core Christian doctrines, their Biblical foundations and how they all fit together into a cohesive, God-centered worldview that makes sense of our everyday experience of the world around us.

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