Welcome to Rimutaka Baptist sermons. Join us for Worship Services every Sunday at 10 AM. We upload the sermons to YouTube by 5:30 PM Sunday evenings for those who are unable to make it to church. All our sermons are available for viewing on our YouTube channel, but you can also click on the videos included in the sermon blog posts below.

2021-11-14 Sermon – Worship

This Sunday, we focus on another spiritual disciple – “Sabbath.” Instituted by God, Sabbath is something that should be of utmost important to us. It is a time to put God first and rest in His presence from our labours, worries and fears.

2021-11-07 Sermon – Worship

This morning we continue on with our sermon series looking at the spiritual disciplines. In particular Act 2, where we see the disciples learning, fellowshipping together, breaking bread and praying. How might we make this a part of our lives.

2021-10-31 Sermon – The Lord’s Prayer

The Sunday we start a new sermon series on the spiritual disciplines. In recent weeks we have been covering Prayer and Self Denial and so it seemed appropriate to begin with prayer and prayer as the Lord Jesus taught us.

2021-10-24 Sermon – The Mordecai Movement

This week we look at the last theme of NZBMS’ Prayer and Self-Denial appeal, “The Mordecai Movement.” So very pertinent in our time I think. What injustices are we called to stand up for, for the sake of the Kingdom?

2021-09-26 Sermon – Fighting Fires

This Sunday we come to the end of our sermon series in 1 Peter where we see firefighters have a lot in common with Christian’s in the midst of fiery ordeals as Peter calls it. We look at how spiritual maturity and spiritual disciplines can help us to become strong and resilient in the faith.

2021-09-12 Sermon – Godly Relationships

This Sunday we continue in our sermon series in 1 Peter by looking at Chapter 3. Here Peter unpacks what behaviours aught to characterise Christian relationships as we move closer to Jesus.

2021-08-29 Sermon – Sojourners

This Sunday we continue our sermon series in 1 Peter by learning what it means to be a Christian who lives in the world but is not of the world. Peter gives us some real practical advice on how we can live in the freedom and contradictions as sojourners in the land.

2021-08-22 Sermon – Seekers of Spiritual Milk

This week as we have church online we continue to look at 1 Peter. This time the first part of chapter two tells us we need to seek pure spiritual milk so that we can grown in salvation for we are God’s chosen people, a Holy Priesthood.

2021-08-15 Sermon – A Living Hope

Today we celebrated Rimutaka Baptist’s 60th Anniversary! God has been faithful and we are very grateful. The sermon is based on 1 Peter 1, where we read about the incredible Living Hope we have in Christ.

2021-08-01 Sermon – Question and Answer

In this week’s sermon, we answer the following questions raised by the Rimutaka Baptist Church congregation: 1. Did Adam and Eve have bellybuttons? 2. Why does God allow pain, suffering and injustice in the world? 3. What does it mean to pray in the Spirit, and how does this differ from normal prayer?

2021-07-25 Sermon – The Armour of God

This Sunday we come to the grand finale of Ephesians. Paul’s letter closes with a wonderful description of how we can fight the battles of the Faith. Join me as we dive deep into the meaning behind this wonderful and informative set of verses.

2021-06-13 Sermon – Royal Life

Today we begin a new sermon series in Ephesians. To begin with, Paul wants the Ephesians to know who they are. Their identity is now in Christ, they have a rich inheritance, empowered by God to be His people and His Church.

2021-05-30 Sermon – Household Instructions

We continue on in our sermon series in Colossians by looking at Paul’s instructions to households. We look first at the historical context which will then help us to discern what learnings we should apply in our modern context.

2021-05-23 Sermon – Image-bearers

This Pentecost Sunday we continue our sermon series in Colossians by looking at chapter 3. Apprentices of Jesus are to know what it means to be image bearers and how to avoid idolatry and negative behaviours that impact ourselves and others. We also have some wonderful poetry by members of our Church.

2021-05-16 Sermon – Grand Designs: Jesus Edition

This week we continue on in our sermon series in Colossians by looking at Chapter 2. We look at what it means to have Christ dwell in us. How does the Holy Spirit renovate our hearts and what part do we have to play in the process. It’s Grand Designs: Jesus Edition!

2021-05-09 Sermon – Jesus is the centre

Today we continue our sermon series in Colossians and look at the supremacy and sufficiency of Christ. Making this a part of our lives will help us to mature in the faith and make us into better apprentices where Jesus is a part of everything we do.

2021-05-02 Sermon – Apprentice to Jesus

Join us today as we begin a new sermon series looking at what it means to be an apprentice to Jesus. We begin with Paul’s letter to the Colossians where He encourages the church to focus on their spiritual maturity, this will help them to face any challenges with endurance and patience.

2021-04-11 Sermon – Encounters with the Risen Lord

This week we look at the encounters Jesus had with His disciples including Mary and Thomas. What if any insights or lessons can we gain that will help us move ahead in our faith journeys as we begin to allow the Risen Christ to be at work within us.

2021-04-04 Sermon – Easter Sunday 2021

When we come to Easter nowadays, we know how it all turned out, so it’s quite different for us than it was for people at the time. In this sermon, we look at how people – some good and some bad– would have experienced the first Easter.

2021-03-28 Sermon – Palm Sunday

Today is Palm Sunday. In the sermon today we look at the account of John in Chapter 12 and we unpack what it might look like to welcome Jesus into our lives as King and how we might make the cross the center of our lives as we move beyond Easter.

2021-03-07 Sermon – Jesus is Praying for You

This Sunday we look at John Chapter 17 and take an intimate look into a personal prayer of Jesus. A prayer Jesus prays to the Father and for His disciples and us. Yes did you know Jesus prayed for you in this prayer!

2021-02-21 Sermon – Precious Gift

In this week’s Sermon we look at John 16:5-15. Jesus tells the disciples what to expect when He leaves. They are overcome by grief and so do not ask the right question. Jesus challenges them to focus on what will come after He leaves. The answer is truly wonderful!

2021-02-14 Sermon – Persecution

In this week’s sermon Jesus warns and teaches his disciples about the persecution they are to expect by being followers of His. We look at His core teachings and how we as the church can be prepared for when we face persecution now and in the future.

2021-02-07 Sermon – The True Vine

In today’s sermon we learnt what it means to be connected to the True Vine. The importance of obedience came to light once again. It is only through obedience that we keep our connection to God. We will also look at Jesus’ challenge to us to love each other.

2021-01-17 Sermon – Lessons in God’s Time

Over the break I have been reflecting on God’s perfect timing. Thinking about God’s timing brings up many questions for us in our Christian journey. Join me as I unpack the differences between our timing and God’s timing and how we can move into a better place in our daily walk with Jesus.

2021-01-10 Sermon – Faith in Everyday Life

Today Robyn Mellar-Smith brings a message on Faith in everyday life drawing in Romans 5:1-11. Through Faith in Christ, we belong to God and it is by having our identity and belonging in Christ that we can face the trials in our everyday faith journeys.

2020-12-13 Sermon – Joy

Today is the third Sunday of Advent and we focus on the theme of Joy. There is a difference between worldly Joy and Godly Joy. In today’s sermon we learn how to tell the difference and how to access the fulness of Joy God promises.

2020-11-29 Sermon – Hope

This is the first Sunday of Advent and our theme is Hope. What does the Bible say about Hope? Join us as we unpack the word in a way that will move us from hopelessness to a sure and tangible hope in the Person of Jesus Christ.

2020-11-08 Sermon – Ruth

This week we look at the account of Ruth in scripture. Ruth’s faithfulness is meant to point us to God’s faithfulness to us. Like Boaz was Ruth’s kinsmen redeemer, so Jesus is our kinsmen redeemer. Ruth ran toward God and this allowed God to be at work within her situation. Ruth is an inspiration.

2020-11-01 Sermon – Jonah

This week we look at the incredible story of Jonah. While at first one might think the focus is on the people of Nineveh one soon discovers that the story is actually about the heart of the Prophet who is struggling with the mystery of God’s mercy and justice.


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12 July 2020
In the Gospel of John, chapter 7, Jesus goes up to Jerusalem to attend the festival of Tabernacles. But He does not travel with His brothers. He goes up in His own time, travelling alone because He knows the Father will always be at His side and He has in mind the timing of God, not of man. Join us as we discern the lessons we can learn from Jesus in this chapter. Let us choose to journey with Jesus, and prioritize God’s will and His schedule above that of the world, so we can also be Unhurried and Unafraid.
5 July 2020
In the gospel of John, chapter 6, we read the popular account of the miraculous Feeding of the Five Thousand, followed by Jesus’ teaching on the Bread of Life. Join us today as we discover the meaning of Jesus’ teaching together, using our “Son” glasses to discern the spiritual truths in this passage.
28 June 2020
This week we look at the Gospel of John chapter 5:18-47. Jesus answers the accusations by the Jewish leaders that He was breaking the Sabbath and making Himself equal to God. We look at the ways in which Jesus illustrates that the Son is like the Father.
21 June 2020
This Sunday we compare and contrast the healing of the lame man at the pool of Bethesda (John 5:1-17) to that of the blind man in John chapter 9. What are the similarities and differences in these two healing events? Although Jesus extends the same love and grace to both men, the one has an open heart towards believing in Jesus while the other one’s heart was blind. Join us today as we consider what we can learn from these two remarkable events.
14 June 2020
In this week’s sermon we see how different people respond to Jesus. We want to be people who respond to Jesus in praise because of who He is, not only because of what He does for us. We want to be people that take Jesus at His Word. (John 4:43-54)
7 June 2020
A Samaritan woman encounters Jesus at a well. She finds a man who knows everything about her life, and Jesus declares to her that He is the Messiah. We learn what it means to worship in spirit and in truth, and how we should all own our own faith. Join us today in celebrating the Lord’s supper after the sermon.
31 May 2020
This week we look at the final portion of the Gospel of John chapter 3. In verses 22 to 36, John testifies again about Jesus. We can learn much from John’s ministry; Repentance, Following Jesus in Obedience, and finally, letting Jesus Lead the way, we can echo the words of John in verse 30; “He must become greater; I must become less” as we journey towards our final goal; Eternal life in Christ Jesus.
24 May 2020
We continue with our journey through the Gospel of John this week. Join us as we look at Jesus’ remarkable dialogue with Nicodemus, a Pharisee and leader of the Jews.
17 May 2020
Continuing with our sermon series on the Gospel of John, this Sunday we read the account of Jesus clearing the temple courts (John 2:13-25). This account has profound significance for us today, both in our individual faith journeys as disciples, and also corporately as members of the Church, the body of Christ.
10 May 2020
The fourth installment of our series on the Gospel of John brings us to the account of the Wedding at Cana. Join Jesus and His mother for an event that will change the course of history. The symbolism is vast and still pertinent for us today.
3 May 2020
As we continue our journey through the Gospel of John, we look at the last part of Chapter 1, where the disciples have their first encounter with Jesus. The similarities between their stories and ours are remarkable. Join us as we share communion together at the end of the sermon.
26 April 2020
This Sunday we continue with our sermon series on the Gospel of John. In John 1:19-34, the emphasis is on John the Baptist’s testimony about Jesus. But just who is John the Baptist, and what can we learn from him as believers today?
19 April 2020
This week we begin a new sermon series on the gospel of John. We begin with a heavenly announcement that reveals Jesus as the Word, eternally existing with the Father, and who was made flesh and dwelt among us, bringing His life, light, grace and truth to humanity.
13 April 2020
This Sunday, we look at the resurrection experiences from the perspectives of Mary, Peter and John. May they inspire us and encourage us in our own walk of faith.
10 April 2020
This Good Friday, join us in the garden as we encounter Jesus in the final hours of freedom before the cross. May the story of Easter impact each and every one of us afresh. and inspire us to follow in the footsteps of our Lord Jesus Christ.
5 April 2020
Welcome to Holy Week. In this week’s sermon, we focus on events leading up to and including the Last Supper. Join us for communion during the service.
29 March 2020
This Sunday we begin our journey to Easter. Reading from Mark 11:1-14, we look at Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem, and the extraordinary incident of the cursing of the fig tree. What is the meaning behind these events? Laurie explains the cultural and historical underpinnings that can enrich our understanding of these events in the life of our King and Saviour, Jesus.
22 March 2020
This is the final sermon in our series on Paul’s first letter to the Thessalonians. In 1 Thessalonians 5:12-28, Paul provides final instructions to the Thessalonians on how to live as disciples of Jesus while they await the Lord’s return. He deals with practical ways in which we can love our neighbors and also how we can love God.
15 March 2020
In this sermon, Laurie talks about Paul’s first letter to the church in Thessalonica. The scripture reading is from 1 Thessalonians 4:13 to 5:11. Paul encourages the church to comfort each other with the coming of the Lord and to walk in hope.
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