Monday, 25 May 2020

Good morning Church family,

Well that was a shaky start to the morning! Last Friday I sent you a poem that had the following words in it,

“The unexpected courtesy,

the thoughtful, kindly deed,

A hand reached out to touch us

in the time of sudden need -“

Well I wanted to share with you all an amazing thing that happened at church on Friday. Before going into lockdown we discovered we had a leak. So this week we got the plumber around to try to fix it, we thought he had but then realised that we still had a leak. After seeking help from Wellington water I was at my wits end. It was becoming a far greater task then we imagined. One of the elders came with a shovel to help and just as he was to start digging, the men that had been working on the road for the last couple of months came up and said; we see you are struggling to trace a leak. You have been so patient with us, can we help you find it? So they brought in their big equipment, a giant vacuum-like machine that sucks up the soil in no time at all. They worked for a good solid hour until they found it. How wonderful that God provided for us. Digging that would have taken three days, was gifted to us in an hour. We are now able to replace the pipe and hopefully get the water restored to church this week.

God sees our every need, even when we need to trace a leak.Thank you God for your provision!



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