2021-06-20 Sermon – Remember to Re-Member

This Sunday we continue to look at Ephesians 1 and 2. Last week, we learnt how important it is to find our identity in Christ, to leave behind the old way of living for the rich new royal life we have inherit through Christ. Today we discuss how we can come together as individuals toContinue reading “2021-06-20 Sermon – Remember to Re-Member”

2021-06-13 Sermon – Royal Life

Today we begin a new sermon series in Ephesians. To begin with, Paul wants the Ephesians to know who they are. Their identity is now in Christ, they have a rich inheritance, empowered by God to be His people and His Church.

2021-06-06 Sermon – God Speaks, and We Fail to Trust Him

Join us today as Paul brings a message on how so often God speaks and we fail to listen. What truth should we be aware of in scripture and how will they help us to overcome doubt in the hard times.

2021-05-30 Sermon – Household Instructions

We continue on in our sermon series in Colossians by looking at Paul’s instructions to households. We look first at the historical context which will then help us to discern what learnings we should apply in our modern context.

2021-05-23 Sermon – Image-bearers

This Pentecost Sunday we continue our sermon series in Colossians by looking at chapter 3. Apprentices of Jesus are to know what it means to be image bearers and how to avoid idolatry and negative behaviours that impact ourselves and others. We also have some wonderful poetry by members of our Church.

2021-05-16 Sermon – Grand Designs: Jesus Edition

This week we continue on in our sermon series in Colossians by looking at Chapter 2. We look at what it means to have Christ dwell in us. How does the Holy Spirit renovate our hearts and what part do we have to play in the process. It’s Grand Designs: Jesus Edition!

2021-05-09 Sermon – Jesus is the centre

Today we continue our sermon series in Colossians and look at the supremacy and sufficiency of Christ. Making this a part of our lives will help us to mature in the faith and make us into better apprentices where Jesus is a part of everything we do.

2021-05-02 Sermon – Apprentice to Jesus

Join us today as we begin a new sermon series looking at what it means to be an apprentice to Jesus. We begin with Paul’s letter to the Colossians where He encourages the church to focus on their spiritual maturity, this will help them to face any challenges with endurance and patience.

2021-04-18 Sermon – The Three “I Love You’s”

This Sunday we come to the end of our sermon series in John with a particularly special encounter between Jesus and Peter. Peter is reinstated as shepherd and leader of the early church. What can we learn today if Jesus was to ask us the same questions, how might we participate in His grand story,Continue reading “2021-04-18 Sermon – The Three “I Love You’s””