2023-05-21 Sermon – Birthright

This week we learn about Esau and Jacob, the twin boys born to Isaac and Rebekah. Such rivalry existed between the two that they jostled with each other even in their mother’s womb. What Kingdom lessons can we learn and how might we apply these lessons to the birthright that we share with Christ.

2023-05-14 Sermon – Unanswered Prayer

This Sunday we continue to look at the story of Isaac in the Bible. There we encounter two prayers that have a lot to teach us about how God approaches our prayers to Him. Join me as we unpack the process of prayer.

2023-05-07 Sermon – Isaac

Today we look at the life of Isaac and what it can teach us in our faith life journey. We make use of the Kingdom lens to understand why we go through times of testing and what to hold on to, so that we don’t loose hope when we can’t yet see what God isContinue reading “2023-05-07 Sermon – Isaac”

2023-04-30 Sermon – Waiting on God

This Sunday we return to the story of Abraham in Genesis 16. We learn that our journey of faith needs to be a patient one. Patient, so that we can allow God to be at work in His time. This can be a place of tension but God is a God who sees us andContinue reading “2023-04-30 Sermon – Waiting on God”

2023-04-16 Sermon – After the Resurrection

After His resurrection, Jesus appeared to His disciples and gave them His blessing and His purpose: “Peace be with you! As the Father has sent me, I am sending you.” (John 20:21). Even though Thomas doubted, Jesus was patient with him and allowed him to touch the wounds on His hands and His side, soContinue reading “2023-04-16 Sermon – After the Resurrection”

2023-04-09 Sermon – Easter Sunday 2023

The day has arrived, the culmination of our Lenten Journey, He is Risen! This morning we journey back in time and ponder the reactions of the disciples to the death of Jesus. We examine the uncomfortableness before His rising and what His resurrection meant for them and what it means for us.

2023-03-26 Sermon – God is Love

In 1 John 4:16, John declares that “God is Love” . God has intentionally created each one of us with our own unique and God-given attributes; our gender, our race, our physical appearance. When God created mankind, he said that we were Very Good. In addition, God so loved us that He “sent his SonContinue reading “2023-03-26 Sermon – God is Love”

2023-03-19 Sermon – How to Break the Power of Idols

In 1 John chapter 4, John urges us test the spirits. Not everyone speaks by the Spirit of God. In this sermon, we explore ways in which we can develop this discernment in our lives. John also says that if we belong to God, we have already won a victory, because the Spirit within usContinue reading “2023-03-19 Sermon – How to Break the Power of Idols”

2023-03-12 Sermon – What love is this?

This Sunday we look at 1 John chapter 3 where John reminds us of the rich love God has lavished upon His People and this is not just any type of love but a love that has made us His own.