2020-08-23 Sermon – The Perfect Picture

This is the third and final week of Prayer and Self-Denial in support of our Baptist missionaries. God’s masterpiece is the fulfillment of His Will, it will be “Picture Perfect.” In the meantime we are blessed at times to see glimpses of the Kingdom. Psalm 27 is an encouragement in the times when we wonderContinue reading “2020-08-23 Sermon – The Perfect Picture”

2020-08-16 Sermon – Mending the Mess

This is week two of Prayer and Self-Denial, an annual appeal for our Baptist ministries working overseas. This week’s sub-theme is “Mending the Mess – God is weaving our threads together.” God uses every thread of our lives, the good and the bad, to draw us closer to Him. God is in the business ofContinue reading “2020-08-16 Sermon – Mending the Mess”

2020-08-09 Sunday Sermon – Woven Together

This is the first week of New Zealand Baptist’s prayer and self-denial appeal in support of our missionaries based overseas. This year’s theme is The Master’s Piece derived from the well-know metaphor of a beautiful woven tapestry. This week we look at Whiriwhiri te tangata which means woven together or God is weaving the people.Continue reading “2020-08-09 Sunday Sermon – Woven Together”

2020-08-02 Sermon – Sweet Aroma

In this week’s sermon, we look at John chapter 12. Here we see Mary’s extravagant anointing of Jesus which is a deeply personal act of praise and thanksgiving. This is in stark contrast to the attitude of Judas, who gives the impression of holiness and piousness, but this is merely to mask his selfish andContinue reading “2020-08-02 Sermon – Sweet Aroma”

2020-07-26 Sermon- I am the Resurrection and the Life

John 11 tells of the resurrection of Lazarus. In this chapter we see that although God knows the outcome of all things, yet He sympathizes which us and shared in our grief. Even though Jesus knew that He would resurrect Lazarus, he still shared the grief of Martha and Mary. Verse 35 is one ofContinue reading “2020-07-26 Sermon- I am the Resurrection and the Life”

2020-07-21 Sermon – Unhurried and Unafraid

John, Chapter 7 In the Gospel of John, chapter 7, Jesus goes up to Jerusalem to attend the festival of Tabernacles. But He does not travel with His brothers. He goes up in His own time, travelling alone because He knows the Father will always be at His side and He has in mind theContinue reading “2020-07-21 Sermon – Unhurried and Unafraid”