Tuesday, 5 May 2020

Greetings Church family,

The verse for today that popped up in my Bible app this morning was “I wait for the Lord, my whole being waits, and in his word I put my hope.” Psalms 130:5 NIV. And this reminded me to have “faith like potatoes.” She has gone mad you might say, the lockdown is getting to her. Or perhaps you already know what I am talking about. “Faith like potatoes” comes from the testimony of Angus Buchan born in my home town of Bulawayo in Zimbabwe but who is a farmer in South Africa. A movie was made of his story but in case you haven’t heard it before I’ll give you the short version. Angus was a broken man until God stepped into his life and he was totally changed. He became quite the evangelist.

Anyway the story goes that Angus planted a potato crop, it was one of those times in life when he really need the harvest to survive. Everything that could go wrong went wrong, a massive drought hit, the crop suffered tremendously, nothing green appeared above the ground. But Angus believed that God was faithful and so he continued to pray and hope in a bumper crop. On harvest day Angus and his farm manager went to the field which by now was just row upon row of dirt mounds. They prayed and began to dig, and it wasn’t long before they struck potatoes, the harvest was secure. Angus praised God because God had been at work deep in the ground in the unseen places. Hence having “Faith like potatoes!” It’s a call to trust that God is still at work even when you cannot see him.

God Bless


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