Monday, 11 May 2020

Good morning Church family,

I have been reading the author Tozer again this morning and he said something really interesting and informative for our faith journeys. It may seem like common sense really but when you ponder it, it is quite profound. He speaks of how we might more successfully put into practice what we have learnt in the word of God. In a nut shell he says, every Christian knows that the Bible is a set of guidelines of how we are to live as Christians. That is fact! So we tell ourselves if I follow A then B will happen but often we find ourselves struggling to overcome areas in our lives we are struggling with. That is because we have forgotten says Tozer, what the process really is about. The application of the word of God can only be enabled in us through the living presence of the Holy Spirit in our lives.“It takes humility, faith, earnest prayer and often painful cross-carrying in order to bring that precept into life and make it apply.” God says “You lean on Me hard, you trust Me constantly, you pray all the time, because otherwise you will not know how to make that precept apply in the hour when you need it.”

It’s a call to a deeper walk with God, that we really can’t do it without Him, we need him, we need to trust him, call out to Him to help as we keep trying to move ahead in faith. It is also a promise that in the following, in the putting into practice all these things, we will have victory when we need it most.



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