Thursday, 3 June 2021 – A Light on my path

Good afternoon Church family,

This morning as I was driving to work, I was delighted by the beauty of the winter fog, and the countryside that was clothed in it. I have a wonderful devotional by Francine Rivers on my bookshelf that is called Earth Psalms, where she takes inspiration from the Glory of God’s creation.

She writes, “Sometimes walking with the Lord can feel like walking in fog. We have to keep an eye on the Scriptures with every step we take so that we don’t get lost or sidetracked down some dark road, ending up at the edge of a cliff with a pit below. God has promised that His Word will guide us and light our way (Psalm 119:105). It may not function like a high-wattage high beams that help us see yards ahead. In fact, His Word may be more like a candle, giving off a gentle light that illuminates only our next step. But we can trust that when His Word is guiding us, we won’t take a wrong turn.”



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