2023-05-07 Sermon – Isaac

Today we look at the life of Isaac and what it can teach us in our faith life journey. We make use of the Kingdom lens to understand why we go through times of testing and what to hold on to, so that we don’t loose hope when we can’t yet see what God isContinue reading “2023-05-07 Sermon – Isaac”

2023-04-30 Sermon – Waiting on God

This Sunday we return to the story of Abraham in Genesis 16. We learn that our journey of faith needs to be a patient one. Patient, so that we can allow God to be at work in His time. This can be a place of tension but God is a God who sees us andContinue reading “2023-04-30 Sermon – Waiting on God”

2022-11-13 Sermon – Conversations with God

After Abraham delivered the kings of Sodom and Gomorrah, God came to him in a vision. A conversation between Abraham and God ensued. We learn form this conversation that Abraham was not afraid to tell God about his concerns. We also see that God cared for Abraham, and He was willing to listen to himContinue reading “2022-11-13 Sermon – Conversations with God”

2022-10-16 Sermon – God Preservation

Today we continue looking at the story of Abraham. One of our natural fallen instincts is self-preservation and left unchecked it can have disastrous implications. How can we learn to be more reliant on God and allow Him to preserve our lives.