Thursday, 20 August 2020 – Weaver-God

Good afternoon Church family,

Today I thought I would share this prayer from the Sisters of Mercy. It is in line with our theme for prayer and self-denial.

Lord in your hands we are as skeins of thread
Each day may we allow ourselves to be woven by you
In and out, through and through
As we seek to become more like you
God of surprises, may your image be evident
In the tapestry of each of our lives
An image enhanced by the strands from lives
That have been intertwined with ours
Let there be no broken or knotted threads
As you, O Weaver-God put all things right
Only when our work is done will we see
The other side of the picture that is our life
Weaver-God, we place our lives in your hands
Weave on, in and out, over and through
Until we become more like you.




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