Tuesday, 25 August 2020 – Reaping where Others have Sown

Hi people!

Today is Laurie’s scheduled day off (and also her and Rudolf’s wedding anniversary), so today I am sending the daily devotional instead.

 From John Chapter 4, V.35 onwards:

[Jesus said], “You have a saying, ‘Four more months and then the
harvest.’ But I tell you, take a good look at the fields; the crops are
now ripe and ready to be harvested! The one who reaps the harvest is
being paid and gathers the crops for eternal life; so the one who plants
and the one who reaps will be glad together. For the saying is true,
‘Someone plants, someone else reaps.’ I have sent you to reap a harvest
in a field where you did not work; others worked there, and you profit
from their work.”

In these days at Rimutaka Baptist, the Playgroup has returned after a
brief absence, the Wednesday Community Meal and pantry is taking off,
Wednesday Bible study is happening … along with youth group, Sunday
services and probably other things that I have overlooked.

At yesterday morning’s service one of our wonderful UHBC visitors was
also a former RBC member from the time when RBC was founded in the
1960s. God has been with the people of RBC from then through to now –
truly we are reaping where others have sown. I pray that the current
events above will be both a reaping built on the sowing of those who
have gone before us, and also a sowing which God will use towards a
future reaping.



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