Tuesday, 29 September 2020 – Costly Obedience

Good afternoon Church Family

Today I have been reflecting on costly obedience. Costly obedience is when God asks us to follow and trust in Him in situations we might perhaps struggle to understand the reason behind. So it was interesting that during my quiet time I began to read Daniel 1. Here is an example of a Godly man thrust into a strangely unjust situation. The people have been sent into exile and Daniel is among them. At first it doesn’t seem so bad as Daniel is picked out of the group and along with three other men sent into training to become officials under the reign of King Nebuchadnezzar. The students are given amazing opportunities and a portion of the King’s wine and food. It’s like they have landed in a 5 Star prison. But the wine and food are seen as unclean in religious terms and so any God fearing Jewish man should not consume it. Daniel is called to costly obedience. He manages to convince the overseer to allow them to eat only vegetables and drink only water, not ideal but acceptable to God. For ten days, this continues and then the overseer comes to judge between their health and the health of the others eating the king’s rations. An amazing thing happens, after ten days, the four men are more healthier and have put on more weight than the others; costly obedience has born fruit. Daniel and the men are able to continue on within their situation to be faithful to God!

If God should call us to follow in such a way, He promises to be faithful and bless us, as he did for Daniel, he might not remove us from the situation but he will give us the strength and abundance we need at that time to persevere and bring us through.



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