2023-03-05 Sermon – Who is the Antichrist?

This next portion of John’s letter is both informative and interesting particularly as it addresses how we are to live in the last hour. What are some of the things we are to be aware of as we draw near to the coming of Jesus? John addresses the Antichrist and gives some indication of whatContinue reading “2023-03-05 Sermon – Who is the Antichrist?”

2023-02-26 Sermon – Do Not Love This World

This week we continue reading from the first letter of John, chapter 2. John tells us that if we love this world, we do not have the love of the Father in us. But if God created the world and said it was good according to Genesis, why is it bad to love the world?Continue reading “2023-02-26 Sermon – Do Not Love This World”

2023-02-19 Sermon – Disappearing Darkness

Join us as we continue in our series on the letters of John. In 1 John chapter 2, John tells his readers about the new commandment of loving others. Although this is an old commandment they have had since Moses, it is also new because now we have the example of Jesus, who lived asContinue reading “2023-02-19 Sermon – Disappearing Darkness”