Wednesday, 16 December 2020 – Visit with Jesus

Good afternoon Church family

Don’t you sometimes wish you could have been a fly on the wall on the night Jesus was born! Imagine yourself in the midst of your usual routine, watching the flocks by night, when suddenly Angels appear with the most miraculous news. You abandon your charges racing down the hill to find the baby wrapped in cloth lying in a manger. Oh the glory!

Our lives may be different but the lessons are similar. First, how do you respond to the news that the Messiah has come? Do you really stop and ponder it with awe during the Christmas season or might it be something that just passes you by. Remember it’s not the circumstances that you find yourself in but the promise of the Messiah that counts. How does the good news of Christmas break into your usual routine and spark joy within you?

Second, are you willing to make time to visit with our Saviour during what is a busy time. Are you prepared to abandon some of the things you are doing and make time to spend in the word and in prayer. He is the reason for the season after all, are we making Him the one on the top of our list of plans or does He get relegated to the bottom. Can I encourage you to make Jesus the centre of everything you do this festive season, as if He were your most cherished guest. I think you will find, that if you do that, this will be the most fulfilling Christmas you will ever experience.



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